About Magic Forest
We hope you enjoy our family fun park.

With 25 rides including the Safari Ride, three shows, live animals and theme trails, Magic Forest provides a whole day's entertainment. Your family will marvel at the world's largest Uncle Sam standing at 36 feet tall, and you'll be amazed by Lightning, our famous diving horse!

Magic Forest Park lies one mile south of Lake George Village and is the perfect destination for a family visiting the Adirondack Park.

Among our attractions, here at our park, is is our famous diving horse show. The show has been amazing our guests for nearly three decades.

Our diving horse is named Lightning and he loves the water. Twice each day (if it’s not raining), Lightning jumps 9 feet into our 14-feet deep, 117,000-gallon pool of water. He swims to the other side of the pool before he walks up a ramp to get out. He seems to enjoy the crowd and the cheering – especially the affection of children.

And as the star of the show, Lightning–like all of our animals– gets the star treatment. Lightning and his companion, Thunder, are well cared for. They get good food and clean water; regular check-ups; fresh air and a nice yard and stable.

We recognize that a diving horse might not be everyone's cup of tea, but rest assured, our horse is not abused or forced to do anything he doesn’t want to. It is a fun novelty show in which a friendly horse does something most people have only seen on TV. Roadside America.com called our diving horse act “the sole animal attraction still worth seeing in New York State.”

So enjoy the show. Lightning will!